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19 Jan, 2012 11:37

Faberge eggs to pave way for Russian high tech in China

A high tech Russian company is trying to increase its profile in China by sponsoring an exhibition of Carl Faberge’s fabulous jewelled Easter eggs.
Faberge eggs to pave way for Russian high tech in China

The Interstate Corporation of Development isn’t well known outside Russia for its mobile phone technology, and the company hope the show will bring in the orders. “The Art of Faberge” is the only international show, that is supported by the Chinese Government”, said Sergey Demenskiy, deputy PR director of ICD. “ICD is interested in the Chinese and Pacific markets and we hope, that financial and logistic support of such a symbolic exhibition would help our company to assert a positive image”.The Faberge works from Moscow Kremlin Armoury museum’s collection, including silverware, jewellery and famous jewelled eggs, will be displayed in the Shanghai Museum this year. CD will be using its sponsorship to promote new HPIP mobile phone technology which ensures high quality connections even when the network is overloaded. “We have been catered for Asian markets as they are high-tech and rapidly developing”, says Demanskiy. It’s also easier to expand to European and American markets from Asia, according to him. The company is already developing a project in China in cooperation with Chinese Internet company ZTE.ICD was established in January 2011 in Russia by the Omsk Manufacturing Association. Many companies, both Russian and international provide sponsorship programs in art and culture as it can positively affects their image.“Supporting cultural events become a tradition for many companies, so it’s an effective promotion tool”, says Ksenia Rozhkova, PR director of marketing company Ashmanov and Partners. “It’s necessary to take into account; the type of the event should be in tune with the ideology of a company. As for the Faberge exhibition, it’s just the case. The Chinese public is very interested in Russian culture and Faberge is one of the most famous names in Russia”.