More passengers send Aeroflot revenue skyward

RIA Novosti / Ruslan Krivobok
Russian flag carrier Aeroflot is reporting gross revenue of 99.14 billion roubles for the past 9 months, up from 82.72 billion roubles for the same period last year.

The airline puts it down to increased passenger numbers and sales of ancilliary services.Traditionally viewed as an international airline Aeroflot has recently been increasing its domestic routes. This has been helped by the shutdown of other Russian air carriers such as Avianova and RusAir this year.

However, Aeroflot’s net income was over a billion roubles less than last year. The main reasons behind this are high kerosene prices and an increase in the number of paid vacation days for employees. Aeroflot leads the Russian airline market by passengers flown. Over 50% of its stock is owned by the Russian government.