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14 Sep, 2023 16:18

US to sanction companies in NATO state – Reuters

Five Türkiye-based firms and a Turkish national are accused of helping Moscow to evade Ukraine-related penalties
US to sanction companies in NATO state – Reuters

The US government is planning to impose secondary sanctions on five Türkiye-based enterprises and one Turkish national accused of helping Russia bypass Western penalties, a senior Treasury official told Reuters on Thursday.

The restrictions are expected to feature in a major package of punitive measures targeting Russia, with sanctions on more than 150 entities, and will include shipping and trade companies suspected of helping repair sanctioned vessels tied to Russia's Defense Ministry, and assisting in the transfer of “dual-use goods.”

Türkiye-based Margiana Insaat Dis Ticaret, Demirci Bilisim Ticaret Sanayi and Denkar Ship Construction are accused of providing ship repair services in circumvention of sanctions. Washington has also targeted Turkey-based shipyard agency ID Ship Agency and its owner Ilker Dogruyol, as well as CTL Limited, which the State Department said was an intermediary that ships electronic components of US and European-origin to companies in Russia.

According to the Treasury official, as cited by the media, the broader package of sanctions targets Russia's industrial base, maritime sector and technology suppliers, along with facilities producing and repairing Russian weapons systems.

Another round of sanctions, now targeting Türkiye-based firms and an individual, would come at a delicate moment for relations between Washington and Ankara, with the Biden administration hoping the Turkish government will ratify NATO membership for Sweden in early October.

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