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16 Feb, 2023 09:02

EU country ramps up Russian gas imports – data

Austria has been increasing purchases from Moscow, an Energy Ministry report shows
EU country ramps up Russian gas imports – data

The share of Russian gas in Austria’s energy imports jumped to 71% in December from 41% a month earlier, according to the latest data published by the Energy Ministry.

In October, the ratio was 77% from Russia, and 23% from other sources. A year ago in February, Russian supplies stood at 79%, while deliveries from other sources made up 21%. The data was sourced from reports for the E-Control regulator, the ministry said.

At the end of last year, the outgoing general director of the Austrian energy concern Energie AG, Werner Steinecker, stated that Vienna was still heavily dependent on Moscow’s supplies despite the government’s claims otherwise. He told reporters that all the talk about dependence on Russian gas supplies being reduced to 20% was not true.

According to Steinecker, Russian gas was imported by Europe “in detour” and then no longer “called Russian.” We are talking about “false labeling,” that’s “one hundred percent,” he added.

Steinecker also said that the US will continue to keep gas costs for the region high due to its 20-year take-or-pay contracts. He noted that Washington was profiting on the supply of expensive liquified natural gas (LNG), and hindering the rapprochement between Russia and Europe.

Meanwhile, the Federation of Austrian Industries earlier warned that the suspension of Russian gas supplies would be “a serious blow” to the welfare of the Austrian people, as it threatens around 300,000 jobs.

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