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16 Oct, 2022 06:00

Cremation in France now less affordable – media

Gas prices rally sends the procedure’s costs skyrocketing
Cremation in France now less affordable – media

The costs of cremation in France are forecast to soar by as much as 35% in the space of two years, according to the latest data from funeral-cost tracking service MPF, as cited by TV channel TF1. 

The surge is attributed to energy prices, particularly prices for gas, which have been rallying over the past year amid Ukraine-related sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia, one of the bloc’s major energy partners. 

The cost of gas reportedly accounts for up to 20% of the price of a funeral that involves cremation, which is expected to increase to €911 ($887) from €675, the average price before energy shortages became a problem.

Cremation has until recently been a cheaper alternative to burial, but funeral firms, which are not eligible for energy subsidies, are expected to easily pass the soaring bills on to the bereaved.

“If the prices increase too much, it may become unaffordable for families to pay,” Frederique Plaisant, president of the French Federation of Cremation told the media, adding that an increasing number of French opting for burial could pose problems of space in cemeteries.

Cremation reportedly accounts for more than 40% of funerals in France. 

“There is real concern on the subject in the sector,” Antony Fallourd, general manager of the Funéplus funeral service, who fears that a sharp rise in prices will reinforce the bad image of certain funeral establishments, sometimes considered as “death profiteers.”

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