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30 Sep, 2022 17:39

Putin slams Western money printing

Dollars and euros cannot be used to feed people, the Russian leader says
Putin slams Western money printing

Paper money printed up by Western nations will not heat homes or feed anyone in the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday.

“People cannot be fed with printed dollars and euros, they cannot be fed with these pieces of paper,” Putin said during the ceremony for the accession of the two Donbass republics and the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions into Russia. “All this is important, what I’m talking about, but what was just said is no less important – you can’t feed anyone with paper, you need food.”

The president noted that EU politicians have been trying to convince people to eat less, wash up less, and dress warmer in their homes to conserve energy. “And those who start asking fair questions on why this is so are immediately declared enemies, extremists, and radicals,” he said.

Putin also reiterated his criticism of the Ukrainian grain deal mediated by the UN and Türkiye, which allows Kiev to export food via the Black Sea, saying it is not working as intended, as the shipments do little to alleviate food shortages in needy nations.

“They are now exporting bread from Ukraine… under the pretext of ensuring food security for the poorest countries in the world. Where does it go? … everything goes to the same European countries, with only 5% sent to the poorest countries in the world. Again, another swindle and outright deception.”

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