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21 Jun, 2022 09:23

Second EU country offers to export Ukrainian grain

Hungary has suggested transporting produce through its territory
Second EU country offers to export Ukrainian grain

Ukrainian grain can be sent to global markets through Hungary, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said at a meeting of EU foreign ministers on Monday.

We have offered to facilitate the passage through Hungary’s territory of any food shipments destined for various parts of the world from Ukraine, mainly to North Africa or the Middle East,” Szijjarto said, as cited by Reuters.

The official did not specify the amount of grain that Ukraine could export via his country. He noted, however, that two logistical hubs on its eastern border could be used.

So, if any type of grain or other produce were to be exported from Ukraine to the Middle East or North Africa through Hungary, that could happen quickly. Rail access to ports in Southeastern Europe is fast from Hungary,” Szijjarto stated.

Hungary’s offer follows a number of similar suggestions by EU member states. The so-called “corridors of solidarity,” include Germany’s plan to transfer Ukrainian grain via Poland using the German rail network.

Ukraine’s traditional export routes via the Black Sea have been disrupted due to the ongoing conflict in the country. Western nations have accused Russia of being responsible for blocking these exports, but Moscow says the Ukrainian military is to blame because they mined their remaining ports in Odessa.

According to UN estimates, some 22-25 million tons of grain are currently stuck in Ukraine’s ports. The drop in exports from major agricultural producers Ukraine and Russia, has sent the prices on many food products soaring worldwide and has raised fears of a global food crisis.

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