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Bankers ‘playing financial Russian roulette’ until they ‘blow America’s head off’ – RT’s Keiser Report

Bankers ‘playing financial Russian roulette’ until they ‘blow America’s head off’ – RT’s Keiser Report
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the ‘conspiracy theory’ that capital markets are no longer free because the US Federal Reserve and other central banks control everything.

Stacy says that in 2008 the Fed also intervened with quantitative easing and free money for the banks. However, “all those bad debts were concentrated on the banks, it was the financial sector, in particular, that nearly went under and which the Fed rescued.” Since then the risk spread into the credit markets and bond markets, she says, so now most central banks around the world have to take extraordinary measures.

“Jay Powell, other central bankers, Warren Buffett, are effectively playing financial Russian roulette,” says Max. “They have the gun, and in there is one bullet of risk. They spin the chamber, they point it at America’s head and they pull the trigger, hoping that they won’t blow off America’s head and that they get to keep all the free money this day. And they do that every single day. Then eventually, like in 2008, they blow off America’s head, and it will happen again soon.”

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