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3 Nov, 2019 03:45

How dare they! Iran signs up to help Syria rebuild power grid days after US sanctioned its ‘terrorist-run’ construction sector

How dare they! Iran signs up to help Syria rebuild power grid days after US sanctioned its ‘terrorist-run’ construction sector

Tehran and Damascus have signed a preliminary deal on rebuilding Syria’s power grid at a major electricity expo, which by pure coincidence took place in Iran just as Washington sanctioned its construction sector.

The deal envisages not only the restoration of the country’s devastated electrical network and construction of additional power generation units – including solar and wind – but also localization of Iranian electrical equipment production in Syria. 

While little has been revealed, the memorandum of understanding signed Saturday by the states’ energy ministers also outlines a potential three-way link between the power grids of Syria, Iran, and Iraq to boost regional energy stability. The Syrian government delegation also toured the 19th Iran International Electricity Exhibition, which featured products of more than 450 companies from Iran, China, and Russia, and signed a number of additional contracts there.

That expo, whether by ironic coincidence or not, kicked off the very same day Washington suddenly discovered that Iran’s entire construction sector is controlled by “terrorists.” Issuing a seemingly deliberately vague pamphlet, the US State Department let the mainstream media fill in the blanks between the ominous “strategic materials,”“nuclear and ballistic” programs, and “proliferation-sensitive purposes.”

The actual list of those sanctioned “strategic materials,” conveniently swept under the rug, includes such despicable things as anti-corrosion brazing foils, a premium grade stainless steel alloy, and even steel pipes. Saddam’s ‘aluminum tubes of mass destruction’, anyone?

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