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17 Jan, 2019 15:03

Out of this world: Crimea’s cosmic spaceship hotel welcomes first guests (VIDEO)

Out of this world: Crimea’s cosmic spaceship hotel welcomes first guests (VIDEO)

A truly extraordinary hotel has opened its doors to tourists in the small Russian town of Alushta in Crimea. The new spaceship-themed complex is also a museum and entertainment center all-in-one.

The new hotel dubbed ‘The Guardian of the Empire’ provides guests with a unique opportunity to spend their vacations in special space cabins, equipped with a mini-bar and TV. Real science fiction fans can enjoy protein pills and try on helmets.

“This is an amazing facility. You can dive into an absolutely incredible atmosphere, forget about daily problems, get lots of nice and positive emotions,” one of the visitors said in an interview with RT’s video agency Ruptly.

Guests also can experience the intergalactic world, reportedly inspired by the Star Wars series, try out 3D space flight simulators, play with laser cannons and blasters, and even eat “real space food”. The complex offers virtual reality quests and “a space garden” full of “carnivorous plants.”

The hotel’s museum offers a display devoted to the history of space exploration featuring various items connected to real people and fictional characters, like Yuri Gagarin and Darth Vader. There are also displays with meteors, soil samples from different planets, and spacesuits.

“Borscht, soup, porridge, kompot, kissel are among what we offer to our guests who stay aboard our spaceship,” Olga Malitskaya, a staff member at ‘The Guardian of the Empire,’ told Ruptly.

The cosmic hotel has no equals, according to the Crimean Ministry of Resorts and Tourism.

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