8 cool uses for discarded oil barrel (PHOTOS)

8 cool uses for discarded oil barrel (PHOTOS)
With crude prices collapsing and glut intensifying, the world is likely to soon be flooded with discarded oil barrels. Here are some creative ways to use them.

If you like to barbecue but don't want to spend money on a grill:

In the Philippines empty oil barrels make nifty restaurant tables:

A discarded barrel is the perfect furnace for smelting aluminum to make homemade pots:  

Want to learn how to ride a horse? Use oil barrel as a horse simulator:

If you need to keep vehicles off the curb, you could grow plants in oil barrels and use them as obstacles:

Or you could upgrade your bike and make a sidecar out of an oil barrel:

A barrel could warm you up if you are protesting against the authorities that want to close your university:

And, of course, every barrel makes a perfect rubbish bin: