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30 Jun, 2015 20:36

​Rosatom says it offers reliable nuclear supplies to Europe

​Rosatom says it offers reliable nuclear supplies to Europe

Russian nuclear giant Rosatom offers its European partners reliable and efficient solutions in the field of nuclear power plant construction, as well as modernization and output, said the head of Rosatom France, Andrey Rozhdestvin.

“We are already successfully implementing the construction of nuclear power plants in Finland, Hungary and Turkey,” Rozhdestvin said at the 10th European Atomic Energy Conference that took place in Brussels.

“We are participating in the modernization of Kozloduy NPP together with French EDF; we have extensive experience and unique competence of the backend,” he added.

Russia is meeting existing European nuclear energy demand and expects this demand to increase, Rozhdestvin said.

“If you look at the current Rosatom portfolio, it’s more than $100 billion in orders to build nuclear stations, which reflects the situations in terms of cost, reliability of supply and safety of our reactors,” he added.

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Rosatom utilizes a variety of funding solutions to finance their projects, such as providing interstate credit to Hungary and Belarus, or participating as a co-investor in Finland and Turkey, said Rozhdestvin, adding that in the last 40 years Rosatom has provided a reliable and uninterrupted fuel supply to European customers.

The event, which took place on June 29-30, was organized by the independent international Platts news agency. The Rusatom International Network was a general partner in the event.

Nuclear power generation is an integral part of Europe’s energy balance, as the region is pursuing an energy strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb global warming, according to leading experts in the nuclear energy sector at the conference.

At the same time, given that half of Europe’s reactors are approaching their thirty-year operational lifespan, there is a need to extend the service life of existing nuclear power plants, commission new units, and decommission old ones.

The main challenge the nuclear power industry is currently facing is finding optimal financing options for nuclear power plant construction, experts said.