RT America -- March 20, 2015

TSA screening program challenged by ACLU as profiling technique

A controversial screening method by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) known as ‘Spot’ is being grilled by privacy advocates such as the ACLU. The program uses observation techniques, focusing on signs of stress and fear in certain passengers, to tag individuals for screenings, but critics believe that the program will be used for profiling rather than securing the safety of people. RT’s Ameera David speaks with ACLU attorney Hugh Handeyside about the implications of these techniques.

UVA brutal student arrest: Local leaders demand Charlottesville addresses racism

The brutal arrest of University of Virginia student Martese Johnson has brought a wave of responses addressing racism, from civil rights leaders to community activists on the campus and in the region. RT’s Manuel Rapalo takes a look at the changes leaders are attempting to implement and the justice they are seeking to achieve.