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RT America -- March 4, 2015

Dogs, Tasers used predominately on African Americans – DOJ report on Ferguson

African Americans are more likely to face the burden of excessive force, disproportionate fines, extended jail time, Taser and dog attacks, and racism by the Ferguson Police Department, according to the scathing new report from the new Department of Justice investigation. The report found a disturbing culture targeting the black community and straining relationships with police. Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder gave a speech Wednesday to address the wide injustice gap between the black community and the police force, adding the Ferguson PD had made constitutional violations a part of their routine. RT’s Manuel Rapalo breaks down the findings and the racial bias within the police.

‘The Americans’ challenges Russian Cold War stereotypes, US media portrayals

As shows like FX’s “The Americans” – which follows the drama between Russian spies living under cover in Washington, DC – become major hits, Cold War-esque depictions of Russians as constituent members of “The Evil Empire” have been given a more realistic perspective. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky spends some time speaking with the show’s creator, Joe Weisberg, and its executive producer, Joel Fields, about the challenge of making spies relatable characters and offering a deeper perspective on how Russians are represented in the show and across media in America.