RT America -- February 9, 2015

Heroin has spread beyond inner-city neighborhoods to middle-class suburbs, threatening a larger section of Americans than ever before. Cheaper prices, increased supplies from Mexico and doctors who are too willing to prescribe high-strength painkillers are all reportedly contributing to the increase in addiction and overdose deaths, leading officials in one state to take drastic steps. RT’s Ameera David reports, followed by analysis from drug expert Sanho Tree.

Civil rights lawyers are taking the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo. to court over what they are calling unconstitutional “debtors prisons.” Claiming that city officials routinely burden low-income individuals with outrageous fines before proceeding to throw them in jail for failure to pay these penalties, the group of attorneys is targeting the largely African-American city’s second largest source of income. RT’s Marina Portnaya has more.