RT America -- October 10, 2014

The FBI is angry with growing efforts by tech companies to beef up encryption and security on consumer devices. Apple recently took a step towards ensuring customer privacy by encrypting iPhone users’ data, earning the company praise from civil liberties advocates and scorn from intelligence and law enforcement agencies. By making it more difficult for the government to remotely access private device data, however, national security hardliners fear this may lead to catastrophe. RT’s Manila Chan discusses these fears with the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Jeremy Gillula and RT Web Producer Andrew Blake.

New York Times journalist James Risen is a top target of American political elites, including President Barack Obama, author and activist Norman Solomon told RT’s Manila Chan. Although first targeted by President Bush’s White House for his reporting, even Obama has continued the government’s persecution of Risen despite the administration’s supposed support for government transparency and accountability. Facing years in prison if he does not reveal his sources, Risen continues to face an uncertain future for his work as an award-winning journalist.