RT America -- August 18, 2014

An autopsy on the body of Michael Brown released on Monday revealed the 18-year-old was shot at least six times and not from a close range. In a packed news conference, Dr. Michael Baden also suggested that the fatal wound was a shot to the top of Brown’s skull. Whether the teen was acting defensively when shot remains an open question, as the autopsy could not reach a definitive conclusion. RT’s Manila Chan has more details on the findings, as well as the reaction of family members.

With the drugs used in lethal injections increasingly difficult to acquire, a Louisiana prison resorted to using misinformation to acquire needed chemicals from a hospital. The Elayn Hunt Correctional Center requested from Lake Charles Memorial Hospital 20 vials of a pain killer for a “medical patient,” not bothering to tell the hospital that the drug would be used in lethal injections, according to a report from The Lens. Hospital officials have responded angrily to the deceit, saying they never would have released the chemicals if they had known its intended purpose. RT’s Ameera David takes a look at this latest controversy surrounding lethal injection.