RT America - June 30, 2014

The State Department dropped a 2007 investigation of security contractor Blackwater after the lead investigator was threatened by the company’s project manager. Daniel Carroll reportedly told State Department investigator Jean Richter that he could kill him and get away with it because they were in Iraq. The exchange and subsequent dropping of the investigation occurred just weeks before the controversial killing of 17 Iraqi civilians by Blackwater guards. RT’s Manila Chan discusses the newly revealed incident and other issues surrounding security contractors with "Shadow Force" author, David Isenberg.

A bus full of soldiers' mothers was shot at Sunday in Eastern Ukraine, and a veteran Russian journalist accompanying the women was killed in the attack. Video recorded inside the bus shows bullets ricocheting off of metal, a bleeding bus driver and 68-year-old cameraman Anatoly Klyan being cared for by other passengers after being shot in the stomach. He worked for Russia's Channel One and died while on the way to a hospital. RT's Manila Chan and Irina Galushko take a look at the details of the incident and why Western media is largely ignoring the attack.