RT America -- June 24, 2014

Impeaching President Barack Obama is a long-standing desire for many, but delegates for the South Dakota Republican Party decided to act instead of merely wish. In a 191-176 vote in favor of impeachment, delegates voiced their approval Saturday for removing from office the 44th president of the United States. Citing what the delegates claim are numerous violations of the oath of office, the resolution calls for Representatives in the House “to initiate impeachment proceedings.” RT’s Ameera David speaks with Robert Burgess, communications director for the South Dakota Republican Party, to learn more about the vote.

The head of Kurdish intelligence claims he warned the CIA and MI6 about the growing threat of the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant five months before the current crisis, according to a report in British newspaper The Telegraph. While the US is hesitant to become involved militarily, Kurdish leaders in the north of Iraq have been pushing for outside intervention to combat the threat posed by ISIS. RT’s Ameera David has more details on this and other developments in the fast-moving crisis.