RT America -- May 7, 2014

Google will no longer scan emails and provide targeted advertising to students using its Google for Education apps in classrooms. Over 30 million students across the world use Google for Education services. Parents and teachers in California filed a lawsuit against the company in March over what they view as the invasion of underage students' privacy and a violation of federal law. Speaking with RT's Lindsay France about the case and Google's announcement is attorney Bradley Shear, who focuses on social media issues.

Synthetic drug makers are finding new ways to sell directly to consumers, bypassing regulations and the Drug Enforcement Agency. By manipulating chemical structures and exploiting loopholes in drug laws, marijuana, ecstasy and meth substitutes are finding their ways onto convenience stores shelves and into the hands of consumers. While the DEA has been more aggressively targeting the drug makers, a variety of issues continue to stand in the agency's way. Lindsay France discusses the controversy and recent crackdown with RT's Meghan Lopez, who produced a special series on the topic for RT America.