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4 Apr, 2024 12:59

US tourist killed in attack by elephant (VIDEO)

The animal was encountered during a safari in Zambia
US tourist killed in attack by elephant (VIDEO)

An 80-year-old tourist from the US has lost her life following an encounter with a bull elephant, when the animal charged at a safari vehicle in Zambia. 

On Saturday, six guests and a guide were on a drive in Kafue National Park when the incident happened. The woman was taken by helicopter to a hospital in South Africa with injuries and was later declared dead. Four other people received treatment for minor injuries.

A video of the elephant attack, apparently filmed by one of the tourists, was shared online. The animal is seen chasing the car – when the vehicle stopped, the elephant flipped it over.

On Wednesday, Keith Vincent, the CEO of Wilderness, the company that was operating the safari, told ABC News that the company’s guides “are all extremely well trained and experienced, but sadly in this instance the terrain and vegetation were such that the guide’s route became blocked and he could not move the vehicle out of harm’s way quickly enough.” 

Zambia’s Department of National Parks and local police have launched an investigation into the incident. The local authorities and the US Embassy are working to repatriate the woman’s remains, Wilderness officials said. 

According to ABC News, the victim was identified as Gail Mattson by her family.

On March 18, another safari vehicle encountered an elephant in South Africa’s Pilanesberg National Park. No injuries were reported. Footage from the incident shows an elephant raising the 22-seat safari truck multiple times. The driver attempted to scare it away by slamming the doors and yelling.