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28 Mar, 2024 13:38

Russia and Africa boost nuclear cooperation

African countries see Moscow as a “reliable partner” in the atomic energy sector, according to Rosatom
Russia and Africa boost nuclear cooperation

Russian energy giant Rosatom has signed several agreements for developing cooperation in nuclear energy with Mali, Burkina Faso, and Algeria on the sidelines of the 13th international ATOMEXPO exhibition and forum in Sochi this week.  

The roadmaps outline steps each country will take to establish a working proficiency in civilian nuclear technologies, enhance nuclear infrastructure, and cultivate a favorable public perception of nuclear power in Africa, Rosatom’s press service reported on Tuesday.  

According to Ryan Collier, acting CEO of Rosatom Central and South Africa, African nations have shown a keen interest in nuclear energy from Rosatom, recognizing it as a dependable global supplier and “a reliable partner.”  

“Russia is very well known in terms of nuclear technology. Rosatom has been around for 65 years,” Collier said.  

He also stated that South Africa is collaborating with Rosatom on a floating nuclear power plant initiative to mitigate the nation’s protracted electricity crisis. Under this arrangement, South Africa will pay only for the electricity it uses, while Rosatom, the owner of the fleet, will fully fund the construction costs.  

The 13th international ATOMEXPO exhibition and forum took place in the Russian resort city of Sochi over March 25-26. The event focused on expanding advanced nuclear technologies in Russia and across the globe with a particular aim of boosting energy independence. 

The forum touched on a number of important topics such as carbon-free energy, environmental stewardship, ‘green’ investments, and international partnerships. 

Over 4,500 delegates and guests from 75 countries took part in the event.