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8 Dec, 2023 11:30

Colonialism lives on in globalism – pan-Africanist

A convergence of struggles will end the domination of the West, Kemi Seba told RT
Colonialism lives on in globalism – pan-Africanist

A prominent African political leader and advocate of colonial resistance has called on the people of the continent to unite in a bid to end Western dominance in Africa.

Speaking to RT, Kemi Seba said the only way to end the domination of the Western world is through “convergent struggles” that can unite Africans, Muslims, Latin Americans, and others who have “suffered the sting of colonialism.”

He stressed that Africa cannot be liberated from French domination until the CFA franc, the currency used in a number of African countries, is abolished on the continent. 

“Colonialism is strongly, deeply, and maybe probably more present today with globalism – Western globalism in the world,” he said. Seba believes that the majority of African presidents are “puppets of the Zionist lobby… puppets of America and France.”

In the Western media, he is considered a radical anti-Semitic figure. “The same people who say that I’m an anti-Semite are the same people who try to demonize Iran… Russia… China,” he claimed. The ones who submit to the West are the only ones that the West does not demonize, he added.

Kemi Seba’s rhetoric against the West and Israel has led to several arrests and jail time in France and Benin. He claims that the Palestinians and Africans both face a common threat – Western colonialism, which is still deeply rooted in the West’s foreign policy.