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18 Sep, 2023 11:29

Burkina Faso expels French defense attache

The top French military official in the country has been ordered to leave over “subversive activities,” various media have reported
Burkina Faso expels French defense attache

French defense attache Emmanuel Pasquier and his team have been told to leave Burkina Faso, according to Reuters. France recalled its ambassador from the country, following his expulsion by leaders of the coup who took power in September 2022.

“The government of Burkina Faso has decided… to withdraw the approval of Mr. Emmanuel Pasquier, defense attache at the French embassy in Burkina Faso for subversive activities,” the Burkinabe Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote in a letter to Paris on Thursday, granting “a period of two weeks to leave Burkinabe territory,” Reuters reported.

According to the letter, the French military mission in the capital, Ouagadougou, will be closed while Burkina Faso will also close its defense office in Paris.

“The accusation of subversive activities is obviously fanciful,” a spokesperson for the French Foreign Ministry told AFP in Paris.

French television channels La Chaine Info and France24, as well as Radio France Internationale, have been suspended by authorities in Burkina Faso and correspondents from French newspapers Liberation and Le Monde have been expelled, local journalist Kader Nalima Bado told RT on Saturday. Nalima Bado claimed that the news has been perceived in his country as a "good sign" because of local perceptions that French media companies were one-sided in their reporting.