IN 360 MOSCOW, MAY 9 — RT has pioneered in offering a VR broadcast of the parade as part of its special coverage of the 71st anniversary of Victory Day. 

The 360-degree panoramic video captured by RT’s camera gives a bird’s-eye view of the Red Square, as seen from a group of Mil Mi-8АМТSh helicopters, as well as a real feel of being in the cockpit of a Sukhoi Su-27 fighter, part of the famous Russian Knights aerobatics team. 

RT’s unique panoramic footage from self-propelled howitzers Koalitsiya SV and Msta-S offers a tour around Moscow as part of an armoured column. 

Earlier, RT was the first TV channel to offer a live 360-degree HD broadcast of the Victory Day parade rehearsal using its special, fully immersive camera. 

The channel also posted a panoramic video shot from the T-90 tank at a base in Alabino, Moscow Region, and footage from the GAZ-2330 Tiger armoured vehicle filmed during a night rehearsal. 

All 360-degree video content on RT’s YouTube-channel is available for embedding on any website.  

In December 2015, RT launched RT360, an app for watching panoramic video, available in Google Play and AppStore.  

For PCs, left-click on the video and move your cursor to enjoy the panoramic view. For smartphones, rotate your device to alter your view accordingly.