MOSCOW, APRIL 4, 2016 – RT’s global video news agency RUPTLY has reached 200 million views on the world’s largest video sharing platform, ahead of many competitors.

Global video news agency RUPTLY was launched by RT in the spring of 2013. Currently, more than 600 media organizations – from global broadcasters to independent blogs – in 45 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, France and China, are using its materials and services.

“We are proud to have reached 200 million views in such a short time. This indicates a high level of interest and trust on the part of the audience, which naturally attracts customers as well,” RUPTLY chief Xenia Fedorova said. “The key to our success is that, considering the tough competition we face, our correspondents are able to get truly exclusive, original content from all around the world. Oftentimes RUPTLY is the only agency covering a story that otherwise would go underserved or altogether ignored by other news outlets.”

RUPTLY uses cutting-edge technology to collect and transfer video news content: from drone cameras to real-time live-streaming of events, as well as the recently-launched RUPTLY Stringer application, which allows the agency to obtain content from eyewitnesses in a matter of minutes.

RUPTLY has provided live coverage of a number of key events, such as the meeting between Russia’s Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis in Cuba. RUPTLY’s drone footage of Homs has been used by the BBC, CBS, Fox News, Al Jazeera and the Daily Mail website. In August 2015, RUPTLY’s exclusive footage of a shooting in Ferguson on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s killing was also widely picked up by international news media.