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1 Jan, 2000 00:00


MOSCOW, JUNE 22, 2012 – RT’s “Occupy W@ll Street” game for Facebook wins bronze at PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2012 – the most prestigious award in television design and marketing.

The application, which was launched by RT in February 2012, received the bronze award in the Online/Interactive Games/Immerging Platforms category. RT’s main competition came from the projects by Turner Broadcasting System and Warner Bros. Worldwide, and the channel came out ahead of Universal Networks International. “Occupy W@ll Street” (apps.facebook.com/occupyws) is RT’s first Facebook application, and it was inspired by the global social and political phenomenon which began in the US in 2011. RT became one of the first channels to give thorough coverage to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement since its inception. The game has already attracted attention of the prominent global media. “I was fascinated by RT’s description of its game,” – wrote FT’s Gary Silverman. “The app enables people to leave comments and “occupy” property on a virtual map of New York’s financial district. This way they can “take a stand” or “chat with others across the globe, share their Facebook profiles, invite friends, read news and join the Occupy community from the comfort of their homes.”” RT’s Facebook page has already gained more than 500,000 subscribers – more than any other Russian media outlet, and ahead of many of RT’s international competitors including CNBC, Sky News, Bloomberg, Deutsche Welle and Reuters. In addition to the “OccupyW@ll Street” app, another PromaxBDA-2012 bronze was awarded to RT in the Design category, for the opening credits of RT Sport News. In this contest, RT beat out two entries by the NBC Sports Agency for the prize. RT is a global international news network that broadcasts in English, Arabic and Spanish from its studios in Moscow and Washington, DC and is available to 530 million viewers worldwide. RT became the first TV news channel in the world to pass 700 million views on YouTube. In 2010, RT became the first ever Russian channel to garner a nomination for the prestigious Emmy International Award, in the News category. RT streams online at RT.com.