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9 Feb, 2018 12:53


MOSCOW, FEBRUARY 9, 2018RT became the first organization in Russia ever to host a jury for PromaxBDA judging, namely for the PromaxBDA Europe Awards, a prestigious international competition that celebrates excellence in TV promotion, marketing and design. RT itself has collected 29 PromaxBDA awards over the last decade.

"Russian TV and branding is exploding right now," said Lester Mordue, Director, European Conference and Relations at PromaxBDA. "The work that’s coming from this region, the work that’s particularly come from this city is outstanding. And we’ve seen it and we keep seeing it. And we thought – well, we need to be in Moscow to represent and allow for the people who are working in the industry here to represent the great work which comes from this place".

"We had a room filled with different categories, different judgements being taken. We saw a lot of outstanding work, a lot of discussion was taking place as well naturally to decide who would get a gold award in this year’s competition."

The expert panel at RT judged eight categories for the PromaxBDA Europe Awards 2018. The jury was comprised of leading industry professionals: Boris Gorlov, Head of the Creative Department at RT, Peter Varsics, Creative Director at HBO Europe, Laurent Sauvage, Creative Director at France 3, Dmitry Likin, Art Director at Channel One, Ruben Oganesyan, Deputy Director General for Strategic Development at TNT, Pavel Boreiko, Creative Director at Rossiya 24, Andrey Telminov, Marketing Director at STS, Lily Sheroziya, Marketing Director at TV-3, and Andrey Golikov, Art Director of the design studio N3 Design.

RT has won 29 PromaxBDA awards since its launch, including 12 gold awards, for its various creative projects, including the channel’s Never Giving Up promo featuring members of the Russian Paralympic team, RT’s 10-year anniversary promos, and the network’s promo for the 70-year anniversary Victory Day celebration.
The viral RT ‘2035’ video celebrating the 10th anniversary of the channel took bronze at PromaxBDA and also made it to the finals of the New York Festivals. It featured Barack Obama and John Kerry in retirement and Edward Snowden as the US president. The video earned over 1.5 million views across Facebook and YouTube , drawing the attention of such outlets as The Washington Post, Slate Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter.

RT’s various promos and projects have claimed victories at numerous other prestigious contests. RT’s #1917LIVE project, a large-scale historical Twitter re-enactment of the Russian Revolution in commemoration of its 100th anniversary, took home honors from the Shorty Social Good Awards, Epica Awards, Drum Social Buzz Awards, Adweek ARC Awards and a number of other high-profile competitions.

The #1917LIVE project also caught the eye of many politicians, journalists and researchers in the US, Europe and Latin America, and its Twitter feed was eagerly followed by The Guardian, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and AFP, among other outlets.

RT’s “Blame it on us!” ad campaign was launched in 2017 in Russian airports and on the streets of London and Washington. The campaign went viral on social media and sparked interest among global media with Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, Mashable, and The Sun publishing articles about RT’s ironic ads. It even attracted Hillary Clinton’s attention. The 2016 US presidential candidate commented, “Maybe you have even seen the ads in the London Underground from one Russian state funded propaganda source bragging ‘Watch RT and find out who we are planning to hack next’.”

In 2017, RT, the only Russian TV channel to be nominated five times for the prestigious Emmy Awards, hosted Russia's first ever semi-final round of judging in the news and documentary categories for the International Emmy Awards. The jury consisted of well-known Russian journalists and media representatives. The PromaxBDA Europe 2018 winners will be announced on March 12-13, 2018, in Rome.