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10 Mar, 2016 12:25


MOSCOW, MARCH 10,  2016 – According to an Ipsos survey of TV news consumption conducted in 38 countries out of 100+ where RT broadcasts are available, 70 million people watch RT channels every week.* Half of that number – 35 million – watch RT daily. 

RT enjoys its largest regional audience in Europe. More than 36 million people watch RT weekly in 10 European countries, placing it in the top 5 pan-regional news channels.** RT also makes the top-5 list of most watched international TV news channels in the US2, with a weekly audience of more than 8 million viewers.  

11 million people watch RT weekly in the Middle East and Africa, where news consumers were polled in 16 countries. In India RT has weekly viewership of 7 million; only the English-speaking population, which accounts for just over 10% of the country’s total, was included in the study. 

"For the tenth anniversary of RT’s broadcasting we conducted the most extensive study of our TV viewership in the network’s history, covering 38 countries across Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa, through Ipsos, a leading firm in audience research,” said Margarita Simonyan, RT’s editor in chief. “35 million people watch us daily, and we are successfully competing with long-established channels worldwide. In 10 years we have truly succeeded in making our voice heard around the world." 

“Ipsos has decades of experience in international audience measurement, and we’ve worked with dozens of premiere broadcasters from around the world. We are happy that RT chose Ipsos to conduct their biggest audience survey yet,” – said Elie AOUN, CEO, Ipsos Connect MENAP. 

Notes to Editors 

* The study was conducted in 38 countries, with a representative samples of the total population through telephone or online interviews, between August-November 2015, by Ipsos, a leading global audience research company.  The study was carried out in Russia, Poland, Greece, Ireland, UK, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, India, New Zealand, Australia, Libya, Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Lebanon, Tunisia, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria. 

** In these regions RT was measured alongside CNN, BBC World News, euronews, Sky News, France 24, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle TV, China’s CCTV and Japan’s NHK. 

For more information, please contact: Athanas Jamo, Media Research Manager – Ipsos Connect. Phone: +971 4 44 08 980 – Ext. 348; athanas.jamo@ipsos.com 

About Ipsos 

Ipsos is an independent market research company controlled and managed by research professionals. Founded in France in 1975, Ipsos has grown into a worldwide research group with a strong presence in all key markets. Ipsos ranks third in the global research industry. With offices in 86 countries, Ipsos delivers insightful expertise across six research specializations: advertising, customer loyalty, marketing, media, public affairs research, and survey management. Ipsos has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1999 and generated global revenues of €1,712,4 million (2 274 M$) in 2013.