MOSCOW, 21 JUNE– RT Spanish and RT Arabic will now be among the exclusive set of news channels that broadcast within the UN HQ internal information network. RT International joined the in-house network in January 2017.

RT Spanish and RT Arabic have officially joined the news channels that broadcast within the UN HQ international information network. The agreement specifies that the two channels, alongside RT International – which joined the in-house network last year – will be broadcast as part of the network for at least five years.

“Within the course of 10 years, RT Arabic has become one of the most respected voices for news within the Arab world. We are honored that our contribution has been recognized, and our voice will be heard at the UN level,” said Head of RT Arabic Maya Manna.

“RT Spanish brings an important perspective to the Latin American world – a fact that has been recognized by numerous heads of state in the region. I am delighted that those in the UN headquarters will be able to see first-hand why the channel has become a valued member of the Spanish-speaking media environment,” said Head of RT Spanish Viсtoria Vorontsova.

In January 2017, RT Director General Alexey Nikolov and UN Under-Secretary-General Cristina Gallach welcomed RT International to the in-house broadcast network at a special ceremony held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Channels broadcast as part of the network are viewed by UN staff members, delegates, and visiting officials inside the UN headquarters.

“The United Nations in-house television network is home to a diverse range of news broadcasters from around the world, operating in multiple languages. We welcome the array of perspectives and voices, and we are pleased today to be able to expand our membership so that the work of the UN is better known and understood worldwide,” said Alison Smale, United Nations under-secretary-general for global communications.

In 2016, RT was awarded a silver medal by the United Nations Correspondents Association for its special coverage of the historic 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.