MOSCOW, JUNE 16, 2016 — RT wins 12 awards at the US International Film & Video Festival, including two golds. The awards went to five newscasts, three documentaries, two programs and a series of the channel’s promotional videos.

The G-Gold Camera & Best of Festival Nominee award in the category Best Coverage of Continuing News Story was given to the “Stuck in Yemen” newscast. Not only did RT actively cover events in Yemen, it also provided assistance in evacuating foreign citizens from the war-torn country, for which the channel was distinguished with an award from the Russian Foreign Ministry. RT UK’s “Going Underground” placed first in the category News Program: Interview with its issue titled, “Paris, ISIS and Media Propaganda,” featuring John Pilger, an award-winning journalist and author.

Six RT projects received the festival’s silver awards, among them newscasts covering the A321 flight crash in the Sinai desert, presidential elections in Argentina and the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, as well as RT documentaries “Her War: Women vs. ISIS” telling the story of the Kurdish women fighting against Islamic State and “Trauma,” dedicated to the work of doctors in conflict-torn Donetsk. A silver prize was also awarded to the Victory Day project featuring a series of animated visual representations of the crucial episodes in World War II.

Four RT special projects were distinguished with certificates For Creative Excellence: the documentary “Sumud: 40 Years of Resistance” by RT Spanish, the program “One Word” by RT Arabic, the channel’s promotion video clip, and RT’s special coverage of the story of an Afghan interpreter who was forced to illegally cross the English Channel after being denied the right to asylum by British authorities.

The US International Film & Video Festival has been held in Los Angeles since 1967. The Festival runs competitions across five categories seeking to recognize outstanding Corporate, Education, Entertainment, Documentary and Student productions. Entries are judged by a panel of members of the International Quorum of Motion Pictures Producers. A total of over 1,000 entries from broadcasters representing 29 countries participated in the 2016 competition.