Mass brawl over baby strollers injures 3 police officers

10 Jul, 2017 17:51 / Updated 5 years ago

German police officers have been left nursing their injuries after trying to break up an argument between pram-pushing mothers.

The row broke out aboard a bus at Alter Dorfweg near the Roland-Center shopping area in Bremen when four mothers couldn’t agree how to arrange their prams, police reported.

One of the women called her husband, who in turn enlisted the help of his younger brother, before rushing to the scene. Police were also made aware of the situation and arrived at the bus at the same time as the two men.

Officers first restrained the men and set about calming tensions between the fighting women.

However, the police report states that “the husband got out of control and attacked a cop, while his brother punched a female police officer.”

The report added: “The conflict escalated, and led to a big police operation.”

More police were reportedly drafted in to control around 50 spectators who had gathered to watch the bizarre scene.

By the end, three officers were injured and the two brothers were held in custody. They now face charges of assault, resisting arrest and verbally abusing police officers.