Mummified Siberian ‘monster’ may be lost species of dinosaur (PHOTO)

11 Aug, 2016 10:13
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An ancient mummified ‘monster’ unearthed in a diamond pit by Siberian miners could be a previously undiscovered species of dinosaur.

Russia’s northern region is known to be a veritable ice box of discovery, hosting the remains of countless prehistoric animals in a natural deep freeze.

But researchers are understood to be baffled at the latest creature pulled from sands near the town of Udachny, located in the Sakha Republic, according to the Siberian Times.

It’s thought the animal could be a species of dinosaur - but may also just be the contorted remains of an ancient sable.

Whatever it is, the strange carcass is remarkably well-preserved, with sharp fangs protruding from its mouth indicating it was a meat eater.

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The remains were found by miners working on the region’s Udachnaya diamond deposit, which is regarded as the third deepest open-mine pit in the world.

Reports indicate that the extraordinary creature may date back as far as 252 million years ago, although it is currently being stored in a local resident’s freezer.

Experts are seeking to study the remains in the region’s capital, Yakutsk, to determine its species and origin, however it will remain in the freezer until appropriate transport is provided to move the remains safely.