Fake news takedown: Journalist shreds Rachel Maddow’s Russiagate conspiracies

28 Apr, 2019 23:47 / Updated 5 years ago

Journalist Aaron Mate has eviscerated MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for peddling “Trump-Russia conspiracy theories, falsehoods & innuendo,” after Maddow threw a tantrum when YouTube dared to recommend an RT video.

Mate, a longtime skeptic of the mainstream media’s beloved ‘Russiagate’ narrative, was the subject of a recent interview with RT. When MSNBC’s Russiagater-in-chief Rachel Maddow found out that YouTube’s algorithm had actually suggested the interview to viewers, she saw more Russian meddling and proclaimed the recommendation “death by algorithm.”

Mate unloaded on Maddow on Sunday, systematically destroying the MSNBC host for her two years as “the leading purveyor of now-debunked Trump-Russia conspiracy theories, falsehoods and innuendo.” Buckle up.

“Just recently you were caught in real-time lying to your audience,” he began. “You claimed Barr was handling the redactions by himself. But the chyron – on screen right below – told viewers the truth, that Mueller was in fact ‘assisting’ with the redactions.”

With Maddow seemingly content to lie on live television, it fell upon her show’s producers to flash the truth on viewers’ screens.

Mate then recalled the time Maddow suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin would use the ‘pee tape’ (the most far-fetched allegation in the Democrat-commissioned, internet-sourced Steele dossier) to force Trump into withdrawing US troops stationed near Russia. Of course, this never happened, and Trump recently announced plans to ramp up deployments to Poland. A swing and a miss for Maddow.

Maddow contradicted herself on the ‘pee tape’ only last week, telling viewers she “refused” to let herself “think about” the possibility of these tapes existing.

“Who could forget that time this past winter when you seized on life-threatening cold temperatures to fear-monger that Russia could kill Americans by knocking out their heat?” Mate continued, mocking Maddow’s claim that the Kremlin could “kill the power” and freeze Americans to death.

“There was that time when you explored the scenario under which Putin ‘gives orders’ to his puppet Trump at an upcoming meeting,” Mate continued. “Do you think Putin ordered Trump to stage a coup in Venezuela/try to kill the German-Russia gas pipeline/nix the INF Treaty?”

Mate ridiculed Maddow for suggesting that the Trump campaign set aside funds to pay for the services of “Russian hackers...”

... that Vladimir Putin installed Rex Tillerson as secretary of state (a job Tillerson was fired from after a year)...

... and that the existence of an Albanian Bernie Sanders fan page on Facebook was an act of “international warfare against our country.”

Despite peddling baseless conspiracies and flagrant Russophobia every night, Maddow remains one of the US’ most popular news anchors, and one of the best paid. The MSNBC host regularly vies with Fox News’ Sean Hannity for the top spot on the cable news ratings, and earns a cool $7 million per year for her work.

Although Maddow has been perhaps the most fervent promoter of Russiagate hysteria on television, her ratings have fallen after special counsel Robert Mueller’s report put most of her theories to bed last month. Maddow’s show slipped from its number one position after the report dropped, and lost half a million viewers in the space of a week.

Mate, although reporting to a far smaller audience, has received an Izzy Award for his “meticulous reporting” that “challenged the way the public was being informed about the Mueller investigation.”

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