‘Amazing coincidence’: CNN’s convenient presence at Roger Stone’s arrest raises questions

25 Jan, 2019 16:24 / Updated 4 years ago

As the anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ celebrated the surprise early-morning FBI raid on Roger Stone’s Florida house, some wondered how CNN got there to conveniently get the exclusive footage.

Armed and armored FBI agents rolled onto Trump associate Stone’s front lawn in the early hours of Friday morning to knock on his door and take him away on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment. CNN was already there, cameras trained on the door.

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The presence of a crew from CNN, whose long-standing feud with Trump is widely known, raised some questions on social media. Some believe the network has the inside track with the FBI or the Mueller team – who aren’t exactly fans of Trump either.

Others went as far as to claim the arrest was staged for the liberal media.

The CNN producer at the scene said he was there on a hunch – his “journalistic instinct” kicked in after the network’s “Russia team” detected unusual activity at the Grand Jury on Thursday (as opposed to the usual Friday) and received “other indications” that something involving Stone was about to happen.

Some thought the FBI’s dramatic action – arriving fully-armed in the dark – was disproportionate, and further indication of a staged production.

A CNN anchor dismissed the concerns, saying it was simply a “well-timed stakeout.”

Stone’s Thursday indictment was unsealed when he was arrested. He is being accused of seven counts, including witness tampering, false statements, and obstruction of proceedings, in connection with his alleged links to WikiLeaks’ publication of hacked Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails during Trump’s presidential run.

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