Bride abandoned by groom on wedding day as she ‘spends too much time on WhatsApp’

10 Sep, 2018 12:22 / Updated 1 year ago
A man allegedly bailed on his own wedding because his bride-to-be spent too much time on WhatsApp and asked for a dowry of ₹65,000,000 ($900,000) in return for marrying her.

The bride and her family were waiting for the groom, from the city of Amroha in Uttar Pradesh state, to show up on the day of their wedding on September 5. He failed to arrive and the father of the bride sent his brother to the groom’s house to see what had happened, according to Asian news agency ANI.

It was then the man claimed the woman was “not good” because she spent too much time chatting online. 

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“We were waiting for the groom’s family. When they did not turn up, we went to their house. The family refused to marry my daughter, alleging that she is not good as she spends too much time on WhatsApp,” the bride’s father is quoted as saying by ANI.

When the bride’s family insisted, the groom apparently demanded a dowry of ₹65,000,000. A police complaint was filed by the bride’s father. An officer is quoted as saying that an investigation is underway and they’ll take action “accordingly.”

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