Saudi-led coalition seizes Hodeidah airport in Yemen – spokesman

20 Jun, 2018 09:43 / Updated 1 year ago

The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen has seized control of Hodeidah airport, a coalition spokesman said on Wednesday. “We are now destroying Houthi fortifications near the airport,” Turki al-Malki told Al Arabiya television from Brussels, accusing the Houthis of placing tanks inside residential areas. Residents said clashes at the airport have abated but coalition warplanes were bombing positions held by the Houthis as the group dug in to defend Hodeidah. The port is the lifeline for millions of Yemenis. “Hodeidah port is operating as normal and the movement of ships is normal,” Malki said. “We have humanitarian and development plans for when we liberate the city.” The Arab states say their aim is to seize the airport and port quickly and avoid street battles in the city center, according to Reuters.