‘Throw a pokeball at it!’ Internet loses it over viral footage of otherworldly sea creature

29 Jan, 2020 18:51 / Updated 2 years ago
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A TikTok user has appalled and perplexed social media with footage of an unrecognizable sea creature which looks like a disfigured octopus with a huge head, monstrous mouth, three tentacles, and breathing holes in place of eyes.

Millions of users have watched the viral video, posted on January 25, with many speculating on what the mysterious creature could be. The guesses ranged from a mutated octopus or clearnose skate to a curled-up stingray.

“Don’t know. Don’t care. Don’t like it,” one person remarked, while another joked: “Hurry, throw a pokeball at it!”

Some pitched far more out-there theories, such as the creature being an alien or a “squirrel/cat/fish mixed with some fly DNA.” Many of the commenters called on whoever pulled it from the water to throw the poor thing back into the ocean, since it looked like it was struggling as it flopped around helplessly on the dock. 

The audio overlaid onto the footage is actually from a different video, and features a young man and his mother being surprised at what they see, with exclamations like, “what the hell?”

The Tiktok user that uploaded the video, Nataliia Vorobok, claims the creature was caught on Coney Island in New York, and has posted several other videos of strange aquatic discoveries.

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