ICYMI: Living Greta Thunberg’s zero emissions dream in real life

23 Jan, 2020 22:12 / Updated 2 years ago

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has upped the ante, telling the elite at Davos that they must urgently drop carbon emissions to “real zero.” But living a carbon-free life is exhausting, as ICYMI’s Butchy found out.

“We must forget about net zero,” Thunberg told the billionaires and politicians gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday. “We need real zero.”

ICYMI’s Butchy embraced Thunberg’s gauntlet and set out to live his best, zero-carbon life. After a cold cup of coffee and a leisurely two-hour stroll through London rain to the office, our intrepid hero then faced a fresh challenge: elevators consume dirty, fossil-fuel-generated electricity, so Butchy made for the stairs, 28 flights up. After a cool cup of water for lunch (remember, bananas have traveled miles), Butchy had some thoughts about his newfound eco-friendly lifestyle.

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