India is 'standing like a rock to counter evil designs’ – PM on tensions with Pakistan

28 Feb, 2019 08:52 / Updated 4 years ago

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed workers in a video conference on Thursday. He said that India is standing like a rock to counter evil designs.

“The enemy tries to destabilize us, carries out terror attacks, they want to stop our growth,” he added. "We all countrymen are standing like a rock to counter their evil designs."

On Wednesday, in the latest escalation of tensions with Pakistan, Islamabad’s military claimed it downed two Indian war planes over its air space and arrested the pilot, who survived the crash.

India later confirmed that it lost only one of its MiG-21s during an engagement with Pakistani forces.

Local media later showed footage of the captured man blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back.

India has called for immediate and safe return of pilot captured by Pakistan.

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