Are Yellow Vests ‘unstoppable’? Keiser Report examines people power vs France’s elite (VIDEO)

27 Jan, 2019 11:58 / Updated 1 year ago
The Yellow Vests pose a real threat to France’s elite, but will Emmanuel Macron listen to his people, or try to cling to the status quo? RT’s Keiser Report dished out some jarring analysis of the growing protest movement.

Co-hosts Max and Stacy dissected a fiery interview given by French thinker Christophe Guilluy, who predicted in 2014 that a sharp economic and cultural divide in France would split the country. Now in 2019, the Frenchman says that the Yellow Vests are “unstoppable” because, as an organic movement, it cannot be muzzled by trade unions or political parties. The ruling class, Guilluy warned, will either have to begin listening to the French people, or adopt a kind of “soft totalitarianism” that will strip away the right to assemble, and other civil liberties.

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