WATCH Russian fighter jets and bombers dual-refuel mid-air with surgical precision in Baltics drill

27 Oct, 2018 08:12 / Updated 5 years ago

The top brass of the Russian Air Force demonstrated superb flight skills as Su-30SM fighter jets and Su-24 bombers executed dual-refueling mid-air during a marine aviation drill in the nation's westernmost Kaliningrad Region.

Video released by the Defense Ministry captures how the two Baltic Fleet warplanes carefully maneuver as they get behind a larger Il-78 tanker aircraft. Their goal is to connect with the flying boom, extended from the tanker.

In-flight refueling is considered a very difficult stunt, which only the most skilled and experienced pilots can master. Pilots have to smoothly align their jets with the tanker while going 500-600kph at between two and five kilometers above the ground.

In total, 10 aircrews participated in the drill. They practiced aerial refueling during both day and night, all while flying solo and in pairs, defense officials said.

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