Dashcam captures last seconds of Malta plane before deadly crash (VIDEO)

24 Oct, 2016 08:53 / Updated 6 years ago
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Dashcam footage has emerged showing the moment a plane crashed to the ground and exploded in Malta. Five people were killed in the accident, which reportedly occurred while the aircraft was en route to Libya.

The video, posted on Facebook by Laurent Azzopardi, shows the plane falling from the sky and erupting in a huge explosion. Azzopardi says he was driving to work when her dashcam captured the footage.

“A very shocking experience,” he wrote in his Facebook post.

The five victims were French customs officials, according to AFP. But Reuters said they were three French defense ministry officials and two private contractors.

Airport officials also told Reuters the plane had been heading for Misrata in Libya.

The aircraft was a Swearingen Merlin, a small twin turboprop business aircraft, TVM reported. The plane was registered in the US. Earlier reports suggested that it belonged to Frontex, but the EU border control agency refuted that.