‘Robot Battle’ kicks off in Russia (VIDEO)

‘Robot Battle’ kicks off in Russia (VIDEO)

Participants from ten countries have gathered in Kazan to take part in the tech-savvy ‘Battle of Robots’

Dozens of participants have gathered in central Russia to take part in the ‘Battle of Robots’ held as part of the innovative Games of the Future tournament.

The contest of steel and technology kicked off in the city of Kazan on Sunday, with 16 teams from Russia, China, India, Iran, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and the United Arab Emirates bringing their own bots.

The goal of the competition is to inflict as much damage on the opposing robot as possible, ideally to completely disable it or flip it over. Should both robots remain active by the end of the three-minute battle, the team that scores more points for inflicting damage and demonstrating more aggression and control wins. The tournament itself is a knockout format.

According to the rules, robots must weigh no more than 113.5kg (250lbs), have a speed of at least 8kph (5mph), have wheels or legs, and can roll, crawl, or fly, with certain restrictions on their dimensions. Each team can have up to five members.

In practice, the competing remote-controlled robots have broadly ranging designs. They maneuver and collide at high speeds in a rectangular arena, sending metal fragments and various parts flying in all directions.

Speaking to RT, a member of the ‘Energy Girls’, the only all-female team at the competition, noted that the battle had so far been tough. “We hoped that we would win. But in fact, all the teams are very strong. So the outcome is not predictable at all,” she said, adding that despite being rivals, many teams are on friendly terms.

The ‘Battle of Robots’ is part of the Games of the Future tournament, comprising 21 disciplines and being held in Kazan from February 21 to March 3. It’s the first-ever international ‘phygital’ (physical and digital) event that combines conventional and electronic sports. Over 2,000 athletes from different countries worldwide are taking part in the competitions.