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Texas man armed with a stick tries to steal Learjet at airport

Texas man armed with a stick tries to steal Learjet at airport
Waco, Texas police have arrested a man who apparently tried to steal a Learjet while crashing through an airport gate with his car – and armed only with a stick.

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon at Waco Regional Airport, when a white male in a car crashed through a security gate and tried to steal a Learjet, according to Waco Police Sargent Patrick Swanton, reported KTWX.

The man, who has not been identified was armed with just a stick and tried to “remove the tire chocks and get into the jet,” according to police.

As you can tell this wasn't just any gate. Damage done to Airport Security Gate after suspect crashes thru attempting to steal Learjet.

Posted by Waco Police Department on Thursday, September 17, 2015

The director of Waco Airport, Joel Martinez, told ABC News that several employees told the man he wasn’t allowed to be there, but his only response was, “I’m nobody, don’t worry about it.

An off-duty police officer was flagged down by airport employees and then confronted the man. After he refused to cooperate with the officer’s instructions, he was “tazed several time with no effect,” according to police.

Airport employees saw the officer struggling with the man and came to assist. Those employees helped the officer subdue the man and handcuff him.

Waco police said the man has been taken to a local hospital for a mental evaluation and could face charges of criminal trespassing, attempted theft, resisting arrest, criminal mischief.

Police said the jet was owned by a local business but haven’t revealed the company’s identity.

The man’s name will be released once he is charged, though he may face additional federal charges.

“The suspect is known to our department and has a history of mental issues,” Swanton said. Police think the man may also have been under the influence of narcotics.

The FBI and TSA were notified about the incident.