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#WeStandWithWDBJ: Twitter mourns Virginia shooting victims Parker & Ward with testcard avatars
Twitter users have been changing their profile pictures to testcards, with the hashtag #WeStandTogether to mourn and show their solidarity with the two WDBJ journalists murdered in the chilling Virginia shootings.
  • Virginia journalists’ death details revealed
    The two Virginia journalists shot earlier this week both received gunshot wounds to the head, according to state officials. The causes of death for Alison Parker and Adam Ward have been classed as homicides.
  • © Dario Pignatelli
    'Beat Up Squad' case: Fed prosecutors to probe suspicious death of NY prison inmate
    Federal prosecutors have announced they will join an investigation into the suspicious death of a New York prison inmate. Witnesses say Samuel Harrell was beaten to death by a ‘Beat Up Squad’ of corrections officers following an altercation.
  • ©
    Ex-cop with 6 kill notches teaches police how to shoot or be killed
    A former Arizona police officer, who killed six people during his 12-year career before it ended after the latest shooting, is now selling firearm training simulators that jolt people who hesitate to shoot.
  • © Lucy Nicholson
    California blows past conservation goal, cuts water use by 31%
    Facing a severe four-year drought crisis, residents of the Golden State have responded to the governor’s call to limit water use, outstripping his original conservation target by 6 percent.
  • © STR
    US forces snared only 3 out of 116 prisoners at Gitmo
    American military forces captured only three out of the 116 prisoners still remaining at the Guantanamo Bay prison complex in Cuba, a new analysis by the Guardian discovered. Many of those left were sold to the US for monetary rewards.
  • Smoke billowing from the Baal Shamin temple in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra © Welayat Homs
    American taxpayers spend nearly $10 million a day fighting ISIS
    The Pentagon has spent nearly $4 billion fighting Islamic State across Syria and Iraq since operations began a year ago, according to statistics released this week. The average daily cost of the campaign is $9.9 million, or $6,785 a minute.
  • The whistleblower group at the National Press Club in Washington April 27, 2015 © Jonathan Ernst
    Whistleblowers sue DOJ, FBI, and NSA for malicious prosecution, civil rights violations
    Five whistleblowers are suing the Justice Department, National Security Agency, FBI and their former directors for violating their constitutional and civil rights after they complained about government waste and fraud through proper channels.
  • © Erik De Castro
    Laser cannon designed to shoot drones out of the sky
    The US government and military have identified a new threat in modern day warfare: commercial drones adapted to carry explosives or chemical weapons. To address this risk, weapons manufacturer Boeing has invented a portable laser cannon.
  • A view of the flooding in New Orleans, Louisiana from Air Force One August 31, 2005 © Mannie Garcia mg
    Is New Orleans safe from the next superstorm?
    The destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina was made possible by a lack of sufficient storm protections in New Orleans. Ten years on, engineers have learned from the disaster and made improvements, but questions remain as to whether they will be enough.
  • Islamic State militants during the reported destruction of a Roman temple in Palmyra, Syria on August 25, 2015 © Social Media
    Buyers of looted artifacts may be charged with aiding ISIS – FBI
    Antiquities looted by Islamic State militants are showing up on the US market, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned, adding that any buyers could be prosecuted for providing financial support to terrorists.
  • The AP headquarters ©
    Associated Press sues US DoJ over access to FBI records
    The AP has sued the US Department of Justice over the FBI’s refusal to provide public records on a case when the agency created a fake news story to trap a suspect. A former FBI agent told RT that respect for the First Amendment is falling in the agency.
  • CrimeStoppers flyer offering a reward for information on Jamyla Bolden's killer
    Police name suspect arrested in killing of Jamyla Bolden
    Police in St. Louis County have arrested a man on suspicion of killing the 9-year-old Jamyla Bolden in Ferguson. Court documents show De'Eris Brown, 21, has confessed to the killing.


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