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DOJ report details mistakes made by Ferguson police following Michael Brown shooting
The improper use of snipers, poor communication, and the removal of officer nameplates are among the errors made by Ferguson police in the weeks following the Michael Brown shooting, says a new Justice Department report.
  • Clinton ‘jeopardized national security’ by using private email server – Snowden
    National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden said that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state jeopardized national security secrets. He said Clinton’s claims to the contrary “is completely ridiculous.”
  • 3 California prison guards arrested over ‘brutal murder’ of mentally ill inmate
    Three Santa Clara County, California prison guards have been arrested over the “brutal murder” of a mentally ill inmate, the county sheriff announced. The inmate suffered from multiple blunt force injuries as well as internal bleeding.
  • Pentagon eyes potential sites for ‘new Gitmo’ on US soil
    A Pentagon team will tour a “handful” of potential sites to house Guantanamo Bay prisoners as the Obama administration rushes to close the facility in Cuba. The latest round of visits is feared to spark another round of backlash from local lawmakers.
  • FBI admits to spying on Burning Man
    Federal agents spied on Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert in 2010, citing the need to collect intelligence and prevent terrorism, newly released documents reveal. However, they found no threats apart from festival-goers using 'illegal drugs.'


  • Watching the Hawks
    The hosts, Tyrel Ventura, Sean Stone and Tabetha Wallace along with their guests are your eyes and...
    Petraeus’ next blunder & return to slavery in the US (E092)
    In this episode of Watching the Hawks, Tabetha and Tyrel discuss David Petraeus’ bright idea of arming Al-Qaeda to fight Islamic State. Tabetha and Tyrel look at stats from the 4th World Conference of Speakers of Parliament regarding the...
  • The Big Picture
    The hottest political show in the US finds new home with RT. The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann...
    Majority of Republicans still think Obama is Muslim!
    Tonight’s Rumble talks about Obama’s victory in the Iran deal, how the majority of Republican voters still think Obama is Muslim, and Bernie’s efforts in the Senate to keep drug prices low. Thom discusses Obama’s hypocritical...

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RT America -- September 3, 2015
Federal judge supports ending mass surveillance US District Judge Richard Leon is fighting back against the National Security Agency and supports cases against the agency’s bulk snooping. The federal judge will schedule another hearing as...
RT America -- September 2, 2015
NYPD forced illegal arrest quotas on minority officers - lawsuit At least a dozen black and Latino police officers are suing the NYPD for forcing cops to carry out illegal quotas against their own minority community. Egor Piskunov reports on the...
RT America -- August 31, 2015
Turkey combatting PKK under guise of targeting ISIS Though Turkey claims it is targeting Islamic State combatants in Syria, the terrorist group may not actually be the only target. While the Turkish military has only conducted three airstrikes...

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