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Biker lands on top of car after bizarre freeway collision (VIDEO)

Biker lands on top of car after bizarre freeway collision (VIDEO)
One Los Angeles motorcyclist filmed the shocking moment his freeway ride took a rocky turn, leaving him scrambling on top of a Toyota Camry after a horrifying high speed collision.

Motovlogger ‘HD2’ posted footage of the incident online, saying he “almost died” after he was “cut off” by a vehicle on an LA highway.

It shows the biker traveling down a busy highway, before a blue Toyota Camry saloon suddenly pulls out in front, directly blocking his path.

Unable to avoid the vehicle in time, the motorcyclist is flipped into the air and right onto the top of the moving vehicle.

The prone biker then bangs on the back window of the car to alert the driver – or possibly vent his fury – as the car continues to roll down the highway.

When the vehicle does come to a halt, the biker manages to ‘dismount’ and remonstrates with the Toyota’s driver: “You know I almost just died, bro. I was on top of your car.”

“There were a lot of things wrong in this situation,” HD2 said on the video’s caption.

“This whole event could have been diverted if the driver had simply looked before illegally crossing the double yellow into the carpool lane.”