Clinton debate prep included ‘Trump hug’ diversion tactic (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s strange manners mean his short tenure as US president is already well-stocked with awkward political encounters. Now, it transpires that ahead of last year’s presidential debates, Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival, was working on ways to avoid one habit in particular – his ‘hug’.

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Former Clinton aide Philippe Reines posted footage on social media Friday of the former US secretary of state apparently practising for a debate with Trump. The clip shows Clinton in a room with two microphone podiums, with Reines appearing to mimic Trump’s wave and greeting.

At one point Clinton seems to try to ‘high-five’ Reines before running away from a strong embrace.

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Trump has garnered attention for his unorthodox greetings with world leaders, including a 19-second handshake with Japan’s Shinzo Abe and a strange almost-kiss with his own Vice President Mike Pence.

In January this year, Trump was also photographed holding hands with British Prime Minister Theresa May during talks at the White House.