ISS astronaut captures kaleidoscopic image of Himalayan lake (PHOTOS)

ISS astronaut captures kaleidoscopic image of Himalayan lake (PHOTOS)
French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has shared a stunning kaleidoscopic image of a lake in the Himalayas from his unique viewpoint aboard the International Space Station.

The incredible snap shows the colorful lake at high altitude in the eastern reaches of China.

The rich colors contrast another incredible recent photo from Pesquet, a frozen lake in the wide-ranging Asian mountain range pictured last month.

Pesquet, who has been living aboard the ISS since November 2016, has taken on the mantle of resident photographer, following in the footsteps of Tim Peake and Scott Kelly.

His breathtaking photos continue to impress social media, with his most popular snaps including the wondrous spirals of the ‘eye of Africa’ and a curious picture of what the astronaut described as “minimalist snow art in Russia.”

Pesquet is part of the six-member Expedition 50 mission and will return to Earth later this month. The French astronaut also took a break from sharing his out of this world photos to remind people to vote in his home country’s presidential election Sunday.

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