Astronaut shares magnificent view of aurora lights from space (PHOTO)

Astronaut shares magnificent view of aurora lights from space (PHOTO)
French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has shared his spectacular view of the aurora borealis from space, igniting an ambitious level of wanderlust across the world.

Pesquet’s travel photos are decidedly more impressive than those that usually appear in news feeds. His latest stunning shots gives viewers an unprecedented glimpse at the natural phenomenon as it stretches across the globe.

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Aurora borealis usually occurs close to magnetica pole both in the northern and southern hemispheres when atoms in the upper atmosphere interact with charged particles from the sun, creating awesome colorful streaks to stretch across the night sky.

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Pesquet has been living aboard the International Space Station since he was sent into orbit as part of the Expedition 50 in November 2016 to kickstart the European Space Agency’s Proxima mission. He is due to return to Earth in May.